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As a team, we pride ourselves on working closely with families, focusing on their goals, the whole child, and exchanging feedback. A safe, play-based learning environment has been integral to our infant and preschooler's development. Our fun and exciting curriculum is designed to pique interest. When children are allowed to play and receive support from their families and teachers, they develop an ever-present thirst for learning, and their methods to obtain and retain new information are endless. Let them play!

Ms. Loren

  • Over 10 years of Early Childhood Education and medical background.

  • Curricula Developer

  • Loves family, nature, cooking, all things children, sewing, and arts

  • TESOL Certified

  • Teaching Style: Gentle, hands-on, semi-curricula led, whimsical, no child left behind

"Thank you for being here with us. I absolutely love what I do. We commend your hard work and dedication. We look forward to our time with you, making memories, and lasting relationships".

-Ms. Loren

Mr. Deontae

  • Over 10 years of Early Childhood Experience

  • Childcare Director

  • Loves family, food, music, creativity, and design

  • CPR/First Aid Certified

  • Teaching Style: Kind, action-packed, creative expression, flexible for the child, patient