Time well spent


Online Preschool Group 

Online Art Class

Fine Motor with Dough

 in-person memories

Age Appropriate Independence & Science

Music and Movement

Ohio Week- Where Have You Traveled?

Math and Science- Will it Float?

Talent Show- Sing to Me

Free Play with Ms. Loren


Look Closely, Toddlers are Resting

All About Frogs- Books and Puppets

Field Trip- Children's Museum!

Free Play- Sharing & Developing Friendships

Science- Hatching Chickens

Empty Bowl Full Belly

Cars and Transportation Theme- Arts

Free Art

Free Play

Family Style Lunch

Learning Through Play

All About Ants with corresponding Field Trip & Activities

All About Ants Craft

Ants Group Project

All About Ants Art

All About Ants Snack and Math Craft

All About Ants Science Live Visuals and Books

Toddler Hour at the Library

Your Friendly Teacher

Tasty Tuesday, Make Your Own Fresh Lemonade with Honey

Outdoor Science in the Sun

Spend the Day at Lake Farm Park

Happy Baby!

Science & Literacy Through Play -Friends

Large Group- Letter of the Week

Cleaned and Ready to Go for Infants

Gardening with Friends

Happy Baby- Safe Toys

Experiments with Ki and Friends

Purposed Play & Individualized Attention

Fenced Play

School Age